You made the distinction of Chomsky’s language theory and his work but isn’t it one and the same thing ?

What can we say about its relation to some boundaries of human intelligence?

This theory received little light because it was not useful at the time, very little could be computed. There was no immediate use of that work but he kept on working! What would it means in a world where knowledge is already numeric? Of course the discovery had to precede the utility and usage of it, but what would Chomsky mean today ? Doesn’t it show a boundary within which Orwell’s 1984 is perhaps not so far off from reality ?

He spent quite some time doing activism work on reading and tracking mis-used words, the usage of language in relation to power.

Can the inconvenience of this theory, limiting human intelligence, also allow us to acknowledge the exploitation it is made of it?

It is certainly a disturbing idea at the beginning but not an idea I fear anymore. I’m fine accepting I’m never gonna be intelligent. What I fear however is that this old man is still an activist because others haven’t.

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